July 19, 2007

other stuff

I donated blood after work on Tuesday. The Red Cross had called me last week, but I wasn't committing to driving all the way up to their main center. It just so happened that I passed a church near the house with a sign out front with the hours for Tuesday. I hadn't donated since January, I think, so I went. The nurse was a little flaky, but she was great. Barely felt the needle and not even a tiny little bruise. Very impressed. Got another tshirt to add to the collection. Hopefully my blood will go to help someone.

Bubba will be home TOMORROW!!!! Man I can't wait. I miss that kid. This should be the last extended time away for a while. Nothing planned as far as I know. Our evenings have been spent avoiding housework, goofing on the computer and watching television. So exciting. We did the movie thing last weekend, with a quick walk on the beach after but that's all. We lead such incredibly boring lives. I don't work until Saturday nite, so I will have the whole day Saturday to snuggle as much as possible with him.

I was supposed to go and cut my mom's grass on Saturday after working at the station, but it rained. (My dad was out of town, and I refused to let my mom cut grass.) I went anyway, slept over, and tried Sunday morning, but couldn't start the stupid mower. We had our mom/daughter day and went to see Harry Potter. LOVED IT! Sure, there's things I don't remember since I read the book last summer, if not longer ago then that, but it was a good movie. I have got to find a way to get the book before seeing spoilers online after this weekend. I don't think it would totally ruin it for me if I did see some, I'm not a super manic fan, like some others. But I don't wanna have the huge plot issues spoiled. I'll have to call the library and see about a waiting list for the new one.

I have been so incredibly hungry lately. Still managing to drop a pound here and there, but I'm not convinced it's gone for good. I normally eat a Three Musketeers bar EVERY DAY at work, but so far today, I've held off. Exercise has been sporatic this week, well, non-existant unless you count the grave-digging, which was very strenuous. I still have some sore muscles from it. I did some stuff in the pool last nite that wouldn't really count as much but stretches. Meh, whatever. If I can get away with staying around where I am now within a pound or two, eat the way I've been eating, and be hit and miss with the exercise, I shouldn't really complain.

Okay, starving again, and it's lunchtime so I'll be off.

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