July 02, 2007

On the road again

We'll be leaving tonite for our almost weeklong vacation. I am fully packed, W packed today. I'm sure last minute things will need to get added, but we are pretty close to being ready. I am totally dreading the actual drive. W plans on starting us off, so I may try to snooze, but Bubba won't sleep at first, either, so he'll have to be entertained. Probably another rousing viewing of Cars.

W has a doc appointment this afternoon, so we won't be leaving as soon as I get home, but I should be able to start the car loading process before he makes it home. We'll be one cell phone short for this trip, because W's cell phone got fried yesterday when he was fussing with all the pictures and the memory stick things. I sent it back to Sony today. They will either repair it, or replace it. What an annoyance.

Have a wonderful 4th of July everyone. And Happy Canada Day, to my Northern friends.

I'm going to be in blog withdrawal, because I don't know how much computer time I'll have up there. Not too worried about emails, but lordy is my feedreader going to be overload if I don't check all week. After two days, I normally have over a hundred new posts. Sure, the majority come from the gossip sites, with 50 some, but a weeks worth of gossip AND blogs? YIKES!

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J. Cullinane said...

Have a wonderful vacation! Here's hoping your baby boy suddenly gets VERY TIRED once you strap him into the car! Have fun!