May 06, 2007

I hate thinking up titles.

Okay y'all, I'm in a bit of a bitchy mood today. Well, honestly, I'm always kinda bitchy. But, anyway. I've mentioned how much I've been working on the weekends, and how it's upsetting me, because I'm getting so little time with Bubba and W. Well now, even mother nature is conspiring against me. I worked the Busch race Friday nite, and the Cup race was last nite. No, was SUPPOSED to be last nite. It got rained out after two hours of coverage. So instead of trying to wait out the rain, they blew it off to run it today. Which sucks, because I was only supposed to work for two hours today, and would have been home shortly after NOON. Now, I'm waiting until one for the race to start all over again. The good news was I got to go home and actually do bedtime, but that turned into a nightmare as he decided to fight going to sleep again. I'm so tired. Tired of working my butt off and not seeming to get any results. I know it's only temporary, and this is the last Sunday I'll have to work. My boss promised me all next weekend off, which is no biggie, I'm scheduled off for Saturday anyway because it's the race I'm going to, but now I'll have Friday night off as well, and won't have to worry about voicetracking a shift. I'm most likely gonna take a sick day from the office on Friday and we are thinking about taking Bubba to his first movie at the mall, if something suitable is playing, of course.

In other news, the mice may be gone for now. We put some poison out, but haven't replaced all the dry foods in the cabinets yet. My last three or so poop checks have come up clean so with the food gone, maybe they've moved on or they just can't get in anymore. And yes, y'all, I have TWO cats, but there are two problems. One, the damn mice aren't coming OUT of the cabinets into the house for the cats to even see them. And two, I don't think the cats would even know what to do if they did. They are kinda lazy and spoiled. Only one has claws, and she was a farm cat, so maybe she'd remember she's supposed to kill that stuff, but, honestly, I'm happy they've stayed in the cabinets even tho they ate a bunch of stuff.

Softball rematch is Tuesday, but won't be a true rematch because a bunch of players have changed....did I already mention that? Still looking forward to it, even tho I'm gonna be sore again.

Umm...nothing else going on. So little variance in my routine from week to week, so there's isn't much to discuss. I'll let you know how softball goes. Then I'll have pics and recap of the race next week, wait, y'all don't like racing, so maybe I'll skip that.

Catch ya later.


Jennifer Goertzen said...

I've been in a bitchy mood for like 3 weeks now so I feel what you're saying. I have nothing to say except that I'm thinking of you and I know things are tough right now. Sometimes it just helps to know that people understand a little...

J. Cullinane said...

My cat used to leave half-eaten bodies of poor little geckos in my house in Bangkok. Sad. And once it caught a bat! (long story). So obviously, you just need ANOTHER cat. A vicious one. *grin*

And hang in there. It will pass. I know that isn't much comfort when you feel deep in the thick of things, but it will.