May 26, 2007


It's Saturday morning, and I don't normally post at this time. But damn, the house is quiet without Bubba. They made it up to PA just fine, and surprised Grammy and all, because they weren't expecting them until Monday night. Going early meant they got to go camping with everyone. Kinda jealous, but there's no way I could up and take over a week off work.

Last night, I treated myself to dinner out at the restaraunt I used to work at way back when. I quit when I was just about to pop with Bubba. I indulged in a gigantic cheeseburger and some of the awesome dessert the place is 'famous' for. I'm afraid to step on the scale. Oh, yeah, I had a salad instead of french fries, which was a good choice, until I found a ladybug in the salad....supposedly good luck. Let's see how that goes.

While watering the garden when I got home last night, I discovered we have some beans and peas sprouted. Actual beans and peas! The plants are huge and I was wondering when we'd finally have some stuff on them. Nothing from some of the other beans we planted, but I'm sure soon. W transplanted the tomatoes, because all the stuff we planted kinda overtook the small area we put it. Unfortunately, the plants he transplanted look very sad, and some are dead for sure, while others may have a chance to perk up. We waited too long to get it them into the new spot. He planted corn and watermelons and pumpkins in the same area, we tilled up a large patch for all that. Hopefully they'll grow because Bubba is looking forward to pumpkins this fall.

My parents are up in Charlotte for the races this weekend. I wanted to go, even if I didn't go to the race, to see the folks we know up there. Two things worked against me. Gas prices, and the fact I have to work all day today, and a bit on Monday. Sure, I could leave late tonite and get up there for the day Sunday, but the hundred bucks in gas it would cost me isn't worth it for only one day, because I'd have to leave early Monday to make sure I got back in time for work at the station. They offered gas money if that was all that was holding me back, too. I'm planning on some pool time tomorrow, because I'll get the grocery shopping done in between my hours at the station today. I'm also planning on sleeping gloriously late. Well as late as the dogs and cats will let me, since the dogs are used to their first potty break around six.

My brother just signed into Yahoo, so I think I'll go chat with him a while before showering for work. If I don't make it back around, hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Hmm...Laz, you don't celebrate that up in Canada, do you?

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