May 17, 2007

*sigh* so busy

Okay, so I've been slammed at the office. Big surprise. I wasn't really backed up when I got in from being off Friday, but a typical Monday happened so things have gone downhill since then.

Race was awesome, even tho it was postponed until Sunday, so after being out there for 6 hours or so, we had to go home. We spent two hours or so doing the merchandise haulers, then walked back to the car, ate dinner, chatted with folks a bit. Then, had my dad changed clothes like my mom and I did, we would have waited the rain out in the car, instead of IN THE RAIN! We had started walking back to the track to actually go in, and it started raining hard. We took cover as soon as we could, but we were already drenched, plus it was blowing hard so we still got wet. We stood under this canopy tent for over two hours till I finally couldn't take any more. I was not able to stand around because my back and legs and feet were all hurting, so I couldn't imagine how my poor arthritic mama felt. We hobbled back to the car, stripped into dry clothes and cranked up the heat. Then they finally called it so we sat in traffic for ages, finally got moving good and I promptly crashed in the back seat for most of the ride home. Up bright and early the next day to do it all over again. Awesome seats. I had a blast. I've got some great pics, I just haven't taken them off the camera yet. Not sure if I can post the video I shot with the camera will upload or if I can post it here, but I'll try. Was so ready to get home to Bubba, the drive home seemed to take forever. I had a major headache by that time, too. It lasted all night, but was gone when I woke up. I've had a headache every day since, tho and I'm about tired of it.

Softball went well, we won. They still tried to cheat and tweak rules to their benefit, but we expected nothing less. I'm hurting again, which sucks ass. Hopefully better tomorrow.

And the thing about the bikers, Jenn. My one boss does criminal defense. It's Harley Davidson week, so there are lots of bikers getting arrested for silly stuff and serious stuff. Actually haven't had that many calls so far this week, but tomorrow is the biggest day of the rally, so more than likey next Monday they'll all be calling once they get home. We did take in a new DUI, and he is a biker, but his happened before bike week and he's a local. This rally draws huge crowds and people from all over the damn place. It will likely take me more than an hour to get home tonite, and worse tomorrow, because of all the traffic. I have little choice in the way I drive home because of where Nanny lives. Right in the thick of it all, unfortunately. I may be able to go different way tomorrow, since Bubba will stay home with W, as he's been doing on Fridays for quite a while. I'm also leaving at four so that may help a bit, too.

Ok, I'm really tired, and I gotta get some more of this junk off my desk if possible by the end of the day.

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J. Cullinane said...

I spent years in Milwaukee, the home of Harley-Davidson (one of the plants is down the street from my mother's house!), so when they had their huge..was it 100th(?)..anniversary, the town went bezerko.

Well, at least a lot of the cases must be interesting, that must help with the work slam a little bit! Good luck!