October 04, 2006

Day 2: Colonial Williamsburg

Okay, so we got up kinda early for vacation, around 6:30. Took showers, again, we liked the shower, OK? Headed down to breakfast hoping to have the buffet, but they weren't full enough, only a few rooms, so they didn't put it out. We had an awesome waiter, he was silly, and promised the buffet would be out the next day. So with our coupon, rather than two free buffets, we had $20.00 from the menu. I had an omelet *egg beater*, and W had a special, eggs, toast, bacon, etc. We both got awesome little potatoes, they were little chunks, baked, and were soooo good. It was way too much food, but we sure were filled up for the day. We only had to pay tax, which was like 3 bucks, plus we tipped well.

We decided to go find the Pottery Outlet before going to Williamsburg. While we DID find a great shopping place, it was NOT the actual Pottery we were looking for. We ended up getting the majority of our souvenirs for people at this little country store. Reasonable prices, great stuff. So after dropping that stuff off back at the hotel, we headed to Colonial Williamsburg.

They of course tried to up sell us on the package, but we only had one day to spend there, so we stuck with the cheapest admission. Well, technically, if you didn't want to tour any buildings, you could get in free, and still be able to do the stores, shows that are in the streets, etc. But we did the package, but since it was the cheap one, there were two buildings we weren't allowed to tour, but it wasn't that big of a deal. We walked and walked and walked, and were able to squeeze in absolutely everything we wanted to do. We toured everything we were allowed. Some places you could just walk through yourself, but others were in groups, and were guided. I really enjoyed some of the houses of the influential politicians, and the Capitol, which was where they held court for serious crimes. They had a fancy street playacting thing going on, dealing with some of the revolutionary issues. We watched some of it, but it was getting near the end of the afternoon, and we needed to finish up so we could go eat.

We pretty much didn't eat all day, except for a cookie. We drank plenty of fluids, tho, and I was lugging around this huge backpack full of drinks. We finished our last tour right at five pm, and everyone was filing out, because that's when they close. We hurried back to the hotel, changed clothes, I zipped up to the computer room and paid the mortgage, even tho it didn't schedule until Monday.

*side note: Our neighbor was going to deposit W's worker's comp check, that was due the Tuesday before we left, and ended up never coming!!! By Friday I was seriously concerned and when W. called they let him know that their printer was down and checks didn't get mailed until that morning. It finally came on the 2nd, A WEEK LATE and I was able to finish paying bills. SO FRUSTRATING*

Okay, so part of our package was $30 bucks for dinner at Olive Garden, Red Lobster, etc. and we picked Olive Garden. I had a daiquiri, W had a beer and we pigged out on breadsticks, and each ordered their Never Ending Pasta Bowl. Fettuccine alfredo for me, and Angel hair alfredo for W. We skipped salads, for more room for pasta. Man it was soo good. I then had a second bowl of five cheese marinara with angel hair pasta. Couldn't finish all of it, and was so incredibly stuffed. I felt guilty for overeating so much, but I considered all the exercise we were getting and didn't feel so bad anymore.

We kinda hurried through dinner because we were planning on going BACK to Williamsburg for a Candlelight Ghost Walk. We parked on the street, in the middle of The College of William and Mary campus, walked back to the bookstore and waited for the tour. We had booked the tickets on the phone before leaving for dinner. We brought our coats, but left them in the car, BAD MOVE! So off we went on the ghost tour, with parts on the college campus and the rest in Colonial Williamsburg. Turns out, the last house we toured before leaving is one of the most haunted houses, I wanna say ever, but at least in the States. There have been programs on Discovery channel about this house. A lot of the other tour guides won't even go in the house, our guide said, and he explained some of the sightings that HE has seen WHILE doing tours. Pretty neat. As we headed around the wind started picking up and there was some lightning, and we weren't sure we'd make it through before the rain. We hit the last part, and he was in the middle of his last story and it started pouring. Normally he'd go on, but none of us were prepared for cold rain, so we just ended it right there, and scurried back to our vehicles. We really enjoyed the tour, and would do it again, for sure.

By this point, it was almost ten pm so we headed back to the hotel, took more long hot showers and got ready for bed. Wait, actually we were back in time to watch ER, and THEN we took showers.

If I have time at lunch, I'll do the next post, Busch Gardens. That will probably be a long post, too. Hope y'all enjoy.

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