October 30, 2006

Nothing witty to put here.

I see the stripper name post went over like a fart in church. Oh well. Guess I'm not meant to be a popular blog, with lots of comments and such.

Same ole shit going on around here lately, and it's not making it easy to write. Can't get into specifics, but damn, I'm sick of all the drama with W and his back and getting drug refills and having doc appointments cancelled because of more dramatic bullshit. Not too mention we are so fricking broke. I have a birthday party to put together and no clue how I'm going to swing it, let alone gifts. *sigh*

Work still sucks. Radio station was ok this weekend, but I didn't get a shift on the air on Sunday, and I'm not sure why. Could have something to do with the timing of the race and the other part time guy being available again, but I sure hope it's nothing more than that. Most likely, I'll be back on next week. I miss it, ya know.

Bubba got an early birthday gift from my parents. A Hobby horse!!! It's awesome, even though it's really big. We need to rearrange the house a bit, so it has a decent place to sit. Between his birthday next week and Christmas coming, my house is getting so cluttered with stuff. Need to sit down and go through and donate stuff he doesn't use anymore.

K, I'm outta here. Sleepy again. Time change and toddlers don't mix. He bounded into my room this morning at 6:30!! ugh.


Laz said...

Hey Chica.. haven't been surfing through my blogs this week as am sick and haven't been at the computer too much. Maybe you're a little too worried about comments? It's not a contest ;) Sorry to hear you've been feeling blue, and I don't even know the words to cheer you up :(

Beachgal said...

Oh I know it's not a contest, I'm just hoping to maybe make some new friends.

Hope you are feeling better. Is it the new bambino that is cooking making you ill, or something like a cold? Either way, hope you're better.