October 03, 2006

The trip up/first day

So after W planted the idea in my head to leave in the middle of the night, I guess I got sold on the idea. Either that, or I was too excited to sleep well, because I was up around five and couldn't get back to sleep. I finally dragged his ass outta bed and we took off. Stopped for gas, and to put air in the tires, and were ultimately on the road a little after seven. Have I mentioned that I pee a lot, especially when I drink caffeine? Uh, yeah, W was getting a little upset with me having to pee after just an hour of going, but he loosened up a bit, because really a quick pee stop didn't take very long. We didn't run into ANY traffic problems going up, mainly because of the timing. And jeez, we made really good time, too. We didn't stop to eat, we snacked on stuff in the car, and made it into Williamsburg around 1:15 pm. So, calculate the actual starting time, and the few stops we made, and it took us just about five and a half hours, and the travel directions listed it as seven!

Ok, so we get there, earlier than anticipated, and weren't sure we could check in. The hotel guy scrambled around and did find a place to put us, that was ready already, and luckily we were on the first floor!!! The hotel pool/jacuzzi was under maintenance, which really ticked me off. I expressed my dismay, and the manager gave us a coupon for free breakfast for the next day. We were okay with that, hoping that the pool would be fixed the next day.

So we get all our stuff into the room, and head over to the pizza joint that's attached to the hotel. Lemme tell ya, we were expecting mediocre food and extravagant prices, but that was totally not the case. We started with toasted raviolis and W ordered a steak sub, and I had chicken fingers. Very yummy stuff and even better, it was reasonably priced. We asked our server about some shopping in the area and he gave us directions to a few places, which we promptly forgot. But we headed out and did find a couple little stores and we walked around doing some shopping for stuff. Since we had lunch so late, we weren't super hungry, but we headed back to the pizza joint, which was also the bar for the hotel and had some drinks and wings. Again, decently priced food, and delicious. When we were finished and started bullshitting with some folks at the bar, it turned out the one kid was from MY HOMETOWN!!! I didn't recognize him, or his name, but he was a bit younger. It was totally crazy.

The bar closed early, so we headed back to the room, and took loooong hot showers and watched silly stuff on tv until crashing. Had the alarm set for early so we could get up and moving and go to Colonial Williamsburg. The bed was so fricking comfy. It was one of those Tempurpedic, or whatever it is called, like the memory foam matresses. Very very nice.

One complaint about the room was that the carpet wasn't very clean. And we found some trash in the cabinet under the sink that had obviously been there a while. And there were gnats or something in that garbage that escaped out into the room. But the bathroom was clean and the shower was awesome. I think there may have been something wrong with their vaccuum.

I'll leave off here, and pick it up with the next morning.

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