October 12, 2006


Ok, so we had dinner last nite with the whole family. It was a riot, getting everything coordinated, but after touring the two beach houses, and getting Bubba settled down after seeing everyone again, off we went. I am so utterly in love with this beach house my inlaws are in. I WANT ONE!!! Lord, the kitchen is twice the size of mine. I can't describe enough how awesome these houses are.

Bubba spent the night last night after getting in late from dinner and settled into his room in the house. If all goes well, W and I will sleep over tonite, too. His family's house is smaller than the one the bride's family has, and they still have too much room. The bride, however, will be short on beds, and using sofas and floors for all her guests.

The bride and groom had a special request for me yesterday, as well. I was freaking out that they wanted me to change the ceremony, but it wasn't that. Seems one of her bridesmaids cannot make it up to PA for the official reception, and that meant she was short an escort for one of the groom's attendants, M, the oldest brother of W's family. So they asked me to wear her dress and walk with M, and do the dance with him and all that. My first question was if her dress would even fit me, and lordy, it's gonna be way too big. So, L, W's sister, will wear the missing girl's dress, and I will wear L's, which will still be big, but not as bad as the first. And Grammy will most likely be able to pin it or something to help make me not look real bad. This dress will be easily 2 sizes too big. L's is a 12, and I would probably need an 8. But the other girl's is a 14!!!!

W is at home, busily completing his honey-do list so we can go over to the beach house tonite. Must take pictures. Tomorrow will be busy, as well, the rest of the guests are arriving, including the photographer and bridesmaids. Will be much shopping and planning as well as the actual rehearsal, and dinner. I did find out I have to work at the station at 7:15, but should be able to do dinner, and then if I must, leave before everyone else. I have a call in to E, who will already be at the station, running high school football games, and will ask him to cover if I'm a few minutes late. I told my boss about it, and he was fine with that, so I just have to make sure E is able.

I still have to do a final print of the ceremony, make a cover page, and figure out how the heck to bind the thing together so it looks all pretty. I don't remember how I did the last one, mainly because W DID IT! Ack!!!!

Not sure I'll get a post up, unless I do it at the station tomorrow. Hopefully will update Monday about how everything went. I'm out of here at work in two and half hours, and I cannot wait. Have a great weekend y'all.

Oh, and thanks for the words of encouragement, Jenn, and have a wonderful and productive trip yourself! Talk soon!

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Laz said...

So you're going to be -in- the wedding as well as officiating the wedding? That's kinda neat. Be sure to put up lots of pictures, weddings are so much fun when they're not your own :P