October 19, 2006

Road Trippin'

So we are getting ready to head off again. Three days in PA before heading back here Sunday nite. NOT looking forward to the actual drive, but the rest of it will be glorious, I'm sure.

Tuesday it was off to the beach house again after I got done with work. We ended up going out to play putt-putt golf. Bubba's first time. At first, we were the only ones there, but a few more groups showed up, and when they caught up to us we let them through, since there were seven of us. Bubba did pretty good, tho I never found out who actually won, not sure the scores ever got added up. We got rained on a bit, mostly sprinkles, but at the end it got a bit harder.

After that, dinner fiasco started. L was buying, at a great sub shop, however her husband, who blows me away with his picky eating, and I'm quite picky, wouldn't eat there, so he AND dad decided on Mickey D's instead. Two stops, for food. THEN they wanted to stop and get donuts, instead of having to run out in the morning. First place they stopped, no donuts. Um, OK. Another stop at the other place, and on our way finally back to EAT. I was starving at this point. I inhaled my sub, it was after nine and this point, got Bubba into his jammies and heading home.

Everyone left yesterday morning, and got in LATE!!! Bubba stayed awake the entire drive! The willpower on this child simply amazes me. We'll be in Bubba Boot Camp when we get back next week, since Grammy and Company has been spoiling him rotten.

Get this, MY DESK IS CLEARED OFF! There is a pile of stuff to deal with when I get back, but it's all either prep work, or no time limit stuff that just has to get done eventually. VERY NICE! I'm leaving at four, not to return until Tuesday. Should be my last break from work for a while, except for long weekend at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I highly doubt I'll have ANY computer time, and what I may get, I'm just gonna check emails and bloglines. No way I'm putting my site in the history on the in-laws computer. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and I promise not to drink too much! Hahahah yeah right. I didn't drink much last weekend, so I doubt I will this. Too hard to get trashed when you have to chase your toddler around all the time. I don't think I'd actually trade that, however. With W not doing DJ duty, he can share in the chasing duties.

We decided to wait until we got back with more film to get everything developed at once, so I'll have a roll from Busch Gardens, two rolls from the wedding/reception here and probably two more rolls from PA. I'll figure out how to add pictures here, plus I'll email to Jenn and Laz, and whoever else may read and ask. They are the only two I know read. *smooch girls, Jenn I hope all is well with your trip.*

Talk again next week, probably more long rambling posts about parties and travelling! Oh the excitement of this blog! No wonder I have such a small number of readers.



Sheep Boy said...

I can't believe someone would call themselves a picky eater, and then eat at McDonalds. That's like saying you are picky about what cars you drive, and then hop into your Yugo.

Laz said...

*smooch* back atcha. I sooo don't envy your having to go through a Bubba Boot Camp. Good luck!!

Sheep boy is hilarious :)

Beachgal said...

That is really funny Sheep Boy. Never thought about it that way! Hee hee! Thanks for the smile, and the comment!