October 17, 2006

The wedding post.

I was up very late Friday nite, after getting out of work late, and then going to the beachhouse. Had the first of some glorious hot tub time, and crashed out. In the morning, W and everyone kept Bubba occupied, while Grammy and L went to get their hair and makeup done. As did most of the bride's group. *I* went home to let our dogs out, download wedding march music and take a nap. Only one of those things didn't happen, and that would of course be the nap. I stopped by the station, to pick up the CD that E was making for me of required wedding music we didn't have at our disposal. Then back to the beach. Bubba wasn't napping, as he was supposed to be, so I got food into him and W put him down later then we wanted for his nap. We all started getting our showers and all gussied up, planning on getting Bubba up right before we needed to get him dressed. I hated to do it, because he is grumpy when we wake him. Other than not really wanting to wake up, he wasn't too bad. He looked so freaking adorable all dressed up, too.

The wedding was supposed to be at three, with us all meeting over there at 2:30. ahhahah. They bridesmaids and some groomsmen were supposed to set up the archway on the beach at 2:00 and by 2:30 it wasn't done yet, so I sent my dad, and W over to take care of it.

I get over there, and the photographer is still busy with the girls getting pictures. Trying to move things along *including this post!* I basically told him we couldn't run more than 15 minutes late because we had a deadline of 4 pm. He was still going to need pictures of the whole group after the ceremony and the limos were coming at 4 but I couldn't say anything, because only four of us knew!

The groom and the boys were lined up on the beach around ten after three, and I told the photographer he had five minutes. Once the girls got all lined up, and everyone was ready, I started things off by walking down from the beachhouse to the beach, standing by the groom.

The processional worked out wonderful, the cutest part, aside from the bride, of course, was my little man taking his sweet time on the steps being so careful not to fall. The two ringbearers were supposed to walk down side by side, but the other boy is bigger and didn't wait for Bubba, but it actually looked so much sweeter to have them come separate.

I cried. When the bride appeared, and came down the aisle with her daddy. I was so nervous, and then she was there, and I took a deep breath, and got strength from above, I think, because after that all the nerves were gone.

The ceremony worked out great, the ringbearers behaved, brought me the pillows when I needed them and didn't act up. The only glitches were the bride forgot to put her veil over her face for the walk down the aisle, and forgot to get her bouquet back from her maid of honor before walking back up to the house. The kid in charge of the music did a wonderful job.

Considering all the stress that went into the planning and everything, we couldn't have asked for a better day. I was freaked because high tide was set for ten minutes before the ceremony, but it wasn't an issue. It was warm enough, just a slight breeze so all of us in sleeveless outfits were comfortable until later when the sun went down.

We had quite an audience on the beach, from people who obviously waited around to see what all the fuss was about. As soon as it was done they all disappeared! That was funny, to me.

So after the ceremony, I was running from house to house getting stuff together for the surprise. Sure enough the limos showed up early. Grammy was still getting pictures, so I ran out there, then they needed ME for pics so I had to run BACK through the house again. Into the limos we all went, and damn were the bride and groom surprised. Actually, everyone was. The plan was to drive up to the pier where they got engaged, and do more pics on the beach. While they did that, I ended up supervising the ringbearers and flowergirl, who simply ran in between the two limos and crawled around in them for the almost two hours they were there. Then back to the beach houses for FOOD!

I had to run home again, to let our dogs, and the neighbor's dog out, but had to eat first because I drank almost half a bottle of champagne while supervising the kids. Wasn't driving without some food. Got back and had more food, changed clothes and W started in with the special dances for the bride/groom, parents, etc. Bubba was getting very impatient, and wanted to get dancing, so I had him outside on the patio goofing off a bit. When it was finally time for him to be able to dance, he was having so much fun. He behaved pretty good the rest of the nite, but wouldn't slow dance with me for more than three seconds. Lots of great moments.

I finally took him over to the other house around 11 and he crashed in minutes. As did I, even tho I was planning on waiting for others to get home for hot tub time, but it never happened.

I think that's about it for Saturday. I'll do a separate post for Sunday. Coming as soon as I get it typed up.

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Laz said...

Sounds like everyone had a great time, and as far as wedding glitches go, those were definitely minor. She clearly had her mind somewhere other than her flowers :) Your little man did a super job and is a total sweetie.