October 13, 2006

Do NOT plan a rehearsal for a wedding on Friday the 13th!

Ok, I'm at work. I'm exhausted. I'm excited, I'm stressed. Lemme tell ya about the past day and a half.

Dinner last nite was another adventure with getting everyone where they were supposed to be. The bachelor party dinner was at the restaurant right next to the beachhouses where everyone is staying. They were going over at 7 and the girls, the bachelorette dinner, if you will, were headed over at eight. We get there, well, wait, I got there, why am I always the first person to arrive, this comes into play again later. But I say, yeah, reservation for 13, the female half of the rowdy bunch behind you that is throwing peanuts all over the damn place. Snooty, waiter type person, "We don't take reservations." Um. Eventually they get us all situated, ten minutes later a waitress shows up to take our drink order and 15 minutes after that the drinks arrive. Did I mention my son was none to happy to be having to sit still, while daddy was across the room and there was fun to be had? Yeah. So when they finally came for our food order, I asked for his to come out right away, and they did manage to make that happen. The food was great once it did arrive, but geez it took forever. So the men have already headed off to the bar, again, a few doors down, this is all so convenient. Noone would be driving, no worries about wedding party being arrested or anything. *hahahahah, wait for it.* The ladies left after a bit longer.

So W and I, Grammy, Pappap and Aunt L got Bubba all tucked into bed finally, and W and I headed over to the bar for a brief visit. Most of the wedding party was quite trashed already, but we were having a good time. Karoake was involved, but not for me. I had one drink, and was ready to go. W and I left, went to the beachhouse and CRASHED! Exhausted.

Morning broke with W's sister L, rushing into our room, shrieking, "W, come quick, mom is choking!!" I run out there to see L's hubby doing the heimlich. I asked mom if she could talk, and she squeaked out she was ok, so I tell J to back off a second....once she was able to talk we knew she'd be ok. Thankfully.

After that we headed out for a walk on the beach, and man was the sand cold. Bubba was still in his PJ's with his coat on and bare feet. So cute. I had my jammie shirt on, jeans and barefeet. It was awesome to see the sunrise on the beach.

Most of the rest of the afternoon was uneventful, save for the stupid fight W and I had. No big deal, I never expected to get through an extended weekend, including all his family without at least one. Bubba took a three hour nap, which put us behind schedule to get back to the beachhouse for the rehearsal.

Meanwhile, we heard rumblings about the groom and his friend getting into trouble as they were leaving the bar. I didn't believe it, thinking they were just trying to punk us. They weren't. After a while, they had walked across the street from where everyone started to a different bar so they could shoot pool.....they stayed a few hours and when they left, ran into some trouble. A nice local police officer was watching the door, and when they left, beers in hand, kindly wrote them both a ticket for drinking in public. They hadn't drawn any attention to themselves, they were simply leaving. It's a bunch of crap, and hopefully I'll be able to help them out on the tickets through work. Oy. Oh yeah, W's mom knows nothing about it!

On to the actual rehearsal. Supposed to go at five, for dinner at six. 4:45 and the bride wasn't home. Somehow I ended up trying to get everyone rounded up and somewhat ready so when she DID show, we could get the show on the road. (Remember, I had to be at work at 7:15, meaning dinner at six, and I'd probably have to rush. Retrospect at this point, I should have scheduled myself off regardless that I needed the hours.) So I think about 5:20 we were all gathered on the deck of the house and were making progress. Finish up the rehearsal of the ceremony, try to get everyone in gear to GO TO DINNER. We could stand around and talk on the beach later, dammit. I finally leave for the restaurant at six, get there first, again, why am I always first. I'm not in charge, dammit! I politely explain to the hostess person that I was the first to arrive for the so and so dinner, and got a blank stare. See, the bride had reserved this establishment's 'party room' about six months ago. Oh, are you with the group that was to be here at 6:30, she says. Um...no. We had the reservation for six, we're running late. Jokes on us. The group that was supposed to be there at 6:30, in a separate place, came an HOUR early and got put in OUR ROOM! By some idiot who can't read a seating/reservation chart. As the rest of the group of 30 or so filter in, I get to explain to them that the room isn't available and they were going to try to seat us all together somehow. It's 6:30 by now. I have a half hour to eat so I can get to work on time. They end up giving me to-go boxes and I was able to pile them full of yummy goodness, but it also meant I was going to miss out on sitting with everyone and seeing the gifts from the bride and groom. W's mom was absolutely furious, being that she was paying for the dinner, and nothing was as expected. My dinner ended up being comped, and they were assured they would get a discount on the rest of it. I'll find out the deal with that later tonite. My dinner was awesome, if some what lonely, as I ate it here at the station in front of the radio board. I still haven't eaten the dessert because I'm still stuffed, and I ate two hours ago.

So again, don't try to do a wedding the weekend of Friday the 13th. We are hoping this means that all things tomorrow will go flawless. Please keep your fingers crossed.

Here at the station they have a Friday the 13th obstacle course in the parking lot, that I got suckered into doing. Oh man. Running in flip flops. I didn't fall, and it was awesome on the air. I hope the hell I just haven't totally cursed myself with bad luck. Involved was running under a ladder, and breaking a mirror, among other things. Lots of fun, though.

Ok, that's it. W got the hot tub at the house fixed, so after work, I'm heading home to let the dogs out, then will head down for some hot water relaxation. Will sleep over again, but have to run to our house early to let our dogs out again. Plus we are helping the neighbor by letting HER dog out during the day tomorrow before and after the wedding cause she is traveling a bit most of the day. Fun fun fun. As long as her dog doesn't bite me. He's a persnickety old Sharpei.

I still haven't taken any pictures, and am hoping to get some of the house and stuff tomorrow. I"m gonna ask my mom to take some pictures during the ceremony with my cam. I'm sure there will be plenty of photo ops during the limo ride, and reception.

Sorry this got soo long. I hope to have time for the actual wedding post on Monday.

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Laz said...

I'm sure that showing up 'fashionably late' evolved from people not wanting to be the first to arrive - I know I hate it. Sounds like things have been fun so far, if somewhat hectic!