October 06, 2006

The Trip Home

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Okay, so we headed to bed, a bit late Friday, with the alarm NOT set, figuring we'd be up as always around eight am. Hahahahaha. Didn't happen. While we both did wake up at four am for potty breaks we fell back to sleep and were comatose until my eyes creeped open, glanced and the clock and SHRIEKED! It was ten am! YIKES! Guess our sleep cycle finally got caught up, because of all the walking and such we had done for two days. Needless to say we scurried around and got ready, because I wanted to be on the road BY nine! hahahaha. Furious packing and arranging ensues and off we go.
I promised W we'd go back and get his vest that he wanted at the Trading Post, and dammit, if when we went and he actually tried on what they had, they didn't fit. Not the not so as expensive one OR the expensive one. He was quite upset, but we went back to the outlet we went to on Wednesday and spent way too much time finding one that fit and wasn't mangled in some way. Best part, it was less than the other two.
Finally on the road, but I'm starving. I had a slimfast type shake when we got up, but that didn't sustain me long, so I was snacking and snacking. We stopped around noon for gas/food/potty. We thought we were making good time, but the whole trip home took forever. Once we get close to home, it's all back roads the way we go, and there's just no other good alternative, and it seemed like we were just crawling. I was so anxious to get to my mom's to pick up Bubba. We finally made it home, we had to empty the back seat and put the car seat back in, then drove the last part down to my parents.
Bubba freaked OUT when we got there, he missed us a bunch. We missed him, too, obviously. I think we gave him the little Curious George stuffed animal we had won him at Busch Gardens there and told him we had more stuff for him at home. Meanwhile, W and I got meatloaf and taters that Mom and made for dinner and pigged out. Then packed up all Bubba's stuff and headed back home.

At that point, of course he wanted his surprises, and we had the neighbors over so we could give them their thank you gift for taking care of the dogs. Needless to say, it was a late night for the boy and he did NOT want to go to sleep after that. *He's back on track, now, but he had a late night again last nite, because he just lay in bed babbling and rolling around, and didn't go to sleep until after ten pm!!!*
His presents?? A wooden farmyard set, like Lincoln Logs, that builds a barn and a fenced enclosure for the animals, and a silo. LOVES IT! Also a toy sized claw machine like you find at stores with stuffed animals in it. Comes with little tokens that make it work. It is his new incentive program. He gets a token in a bowl right before bed. If he's a good boy and listens, and behaves, and all that other stuff, he gets to use his token to play before his bath the next day. If he's bad, and doesn't listen, we warn him he won't get to play, and if he doesn't shape up, we take the token. The set up was all W's idea, and in fact, it's QUITE effective. The game is so damn fun to play, even for the grown ups. We've filled it with some of his favorite candy, which is why he doesn't get it right before bed, but long enough before for the sugar to wear off. There are gummy worms, candy corns, M&M's and lollipops in there. The worms and lollipops are the easiest to get, and we keep putting more in. We'll have to experiment to figure out other new stuff that works, the grip on the claw isn't that great.
After we finally got him into bed that nite, I got half the stuff unpacked/put away, W did the other half. Then, get this, I had to go to work!!!!! I needed to tape my shift for the radio station for Sunday, and rather than have to leave Bubba for part of the day, I decided to do it late, so I could spend all day with him. Worked out well, but man I was tired!!!!
Looks like I'll be doing the same thing tonite or tomorrow, because the only thing I'm on the schedule for there this weekend is my shift! UGH! That's two weekends in a row of nothing for the station. The reason now is they are running live shifts on Saturdays for a while, and whoever is there live will be taking care of any remotes. However, if races on Saturdays are later than the shift, I'll get them. BUT: I need off the next two weekends, *not this one, unfortunately* for the wedding and subsequent trip to Pennsylvania. Looks like my extra income from the station will be non-existent for the next month or two. Crap.
Okay, that's it for vacation fun and games...I have another little post planned with thoughts and some funny stuff we saw/did/whatever I want to have separate. Coming soon!

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