October 17, 2006

Day after

I woke up a bit more rested Sunday than I had the past few mornings. Bubba of course was up early. The child never sleeps in past 8 regardless of how late he was up. The plan for the day was for me to go shopping with my mom for a bit for Boss's day presents. Grammy and everyone were going to go to the Flea Markets, and take Bubba. W had run home for dog duty, and I think more sleep, we lost touch for a bit.

So my mom and I hit the mall, and I settled on some silly NFL books for my bosses. They are really very hard to buy for. They don't NEED much, and my budget doesn't allow for much. They both seemed to like them, tho. Mom got a call from my brother, P, and while she talked to him, I got a pretzel and a drink, and one for her. Very yummy. We did a bit more shopping, but mom couldn't find the baby store she was looking for, and she needed a baby gift. I ended up getting ANOTHER headache, and wanted to go back to the beachhouse so we left.

I get there, and was locked out. I figured they would have left the screen door on the back deck open, so I went over to the second house, and the groom informed me that he was locked out, too. So I raided the fridge for leftovers, and crashed because my head was killing me. I had already taken a motrin, chugged water and ate, and none of that helped, so I figured some sleep might. I dozed off and on for two hours, but woke up hurting even more. W had come back by then, so he gave me one of his migraine pills, I chugged more water, and by then Grammy had returned so we got back into the house, and I went in the hot tub for a bit. My calves were also killing me, from all the steps, up and down, and across the sand between the two houses so much the day before. Every step was a bit of agony, and was until this morning, two days later. I also woke up with a mysterious, giant bruise on my left inner calf, right above one of my tattoos. NO clue what I did, but man, it's ugly.

Eventually, the headache wore off, and I was able to relax a bit. I'm gonna leave out the bits about W getting into an argument with his entire family over something to do with Bubba. I had to go home, because I had to work Monday, and couldn't sleep over, again. Same with last nite, I went over after work, had some hot tub time, played with Bubba and went home, after dinner.

Pretty much same plan for tonite. Stop back at my house and let the dogs out and then head over. This is their last nite, so I don't know if we'll do a walk on the beach or just hot tub. It's raining, and will keep raining most of the night, so probaby no beach.

Bubba flew a kite for the first time Sunday with Uncles M, J and B. Actually, I also flew a kite for the first time, too. Very neat.

Oh, yeah, we forgot to sign the marriage license during the reception so we took care of that Sunday while I was locked out of the house. I got them mailed off to the court yesterday, so it's all official.

I MUST get back to work now. I'm kinda busy with a bunch of different stuff, so I shouldn't have taken this much time to write these posts, but meh, who cares.

Talk soon. We'll be leaving Thursday nite for a long weekend in Pennsylvania, and I'll have a slew of posts relating to that. Hopefully not too boring for my few dedicated readers.

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